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    "Mr. Rogan made the process simple!"

    I would like to recommend William J. Rogan to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. My son and I purchased a small home in Cocoa, Florida in October of 2019. I do not reside In Florida, but Mr. Rogan made the process simple. Although this was probably at the lower end of home purchases Mr.Rogan typically deals with, we were treated the same as if this had been a million-dollar purchase. William’s knowledge of all things surrounding the buying and selling process provided a wealth of assets to us during our purchase. He was able to advise us on how to go about obtaining the survey, what home and insurance inspections were necessary and where to find them. He also advised us on the home warranty process. He prepared the written contingencies needed after the home inspection so that we would be happy with our purchase at the time of closing. William’s approach to the home sale process is unique in that one of his goals is to bridge the gap between the Seller and the Buyer amicably so that both parties are happy with the end result. The Esign documents William provides are easy to use and understand. We felt like during the whole process William had our back. In the end we were the beneficiaries of William’s vast knowledge and experience in all things real estate related. Thanks again for All you do, Sincerely, John Lee
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    John Lee

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